Organizing Cache Keys In Complex Systems

  • This is a PHP article.
  • Laravel was used to write this article.
  • We'll be able to keep cache keys in the same codebase.
  • Due to this, we'll be able to quickly locate cache key-related code blocks in the same codebase or 3rd party's codebase.
  • We'll make an inventory class to keep all cache keys in one place.
  • The system will generate ghost methods from the inventory class automatically.
  • We'll write a cache-broking service that supports all clear methods through the inventory class.

Creating Cache Key Inventory

Using "CacheKeysInventory" to Create Ghost Clear Methods

Cache-Broking Service Endpoint

Creating Endpoint In API

/cache-broking endpoint

/cache-broking/{cacheKeyMethod} endpoint

Validating Clear Cache Requests That Came Over Endpoint




Software Developer,

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İlyas Özkurt

İlyas Özkurt

Software Developer,

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